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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

BIG DULUTH SNOW! Tuesday 4:00 pm

Now it's beginning to look like Something.

Getting those big, wet flakes.  I notice the temp is hovering right near freezing, just slightly below.  That's when you get the big sloppy snows, the ones that weigh a ton when you have to shovel.

I don't relish the idea of having to shovel, at that.  I swept off the front steps a couple hours back, but now you'd never guess.  Luckily, my sister insisted I let my neighbor, Mark, do the snowblowing, since he has some he needs to clear anyway.  I still get kind of a kick running that big, noisy beast.  Blowing snow out of the driveway seems like a Man's Job.  When we were kids up in Duluth Heights, we kids had to shovel -- Dad was the one who actually got to run the snowblower.

Later on, my older brother got to run the blower.  And usually broke it.  And usually tried to fix it.  And usually had to call on Hank from across the street to fix what he broke when he tried to fix it.

And I got to shovel.

I spent several years living in various other states, Florida (no snow), New Mexico (much less snow), and southern Michigan (a little less snow, mostly).  And I was a renter down there, so I usually didn't have to do any shovelling.  That's what landlords are for.

Then I got back here.  Imagine my joy.

And I'd say this definitely looks like it'll produce some serious shovelling.

Ah, well.  Minnesota.  March.  Stuff happens.

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