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Friday, March 13, 2009

“All The Na You Need – Now With 40 % Less Poo!”

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The NaNaPooPoo Network

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All The Na You Need – Now With 40 % Less Poo!”


Now, it's shows I like.

Back in November 2008, I participated in and completed NaPodPoMo, the National Podcast Post Month. One podcast a day for all 30 days of November. And yes, I did that, as did a bunch of folks.

At the time, Shawno from the Shawnogram podcast created an aggregated feed of all the podcasts in NaPodPoMo. Trouble was, it included all the posts in all the feeds of all the podcasts. It was huge, too large to be accepted by Feedburner, so it didn't have all those fancy-schmancy features Feedburner adds. I had fiddled with Yahoo Pipes before, and figured there was a way to make a smaller aggregate feed. But no one needed the smaller feed I'd created, since Shawno's worked okay for that particular purpose.

So instead, I decided NaNaPooPoo should be a community effort of podcasters to combine their promotional efforts. The idea was, each podcaster involved would make whatever small effort they could to promote that aggregate feed. Since each subscriber to that feed would be receiving the latest content from all participant podcasts, all those podcasts would benefit from the overall effort. “A rising tide raises all boats.”

Almost works like radio. Subscribe to the network and you get it all. You get stuff you recognize and stuff you don't, and maybe you learn about some show you'd never have considered.

One problem. It seemed no one wanted to make the effort. Oh, well.

So, NaNaPooPoo 2.0 is just a bit different. It's a list of podcasts I like to listen to and want to recommend. These could come from anywhere, and could be about anything that interests me. They could take any format. The feed contains only the last podcast. Any post in the feed without an audio enclosure – basically, just a blogpost – will be ignored. Saves time, space and bandwidth. And if you're willing to take a chance on my tastes in podcasts, you subscribe once and get all of the listed podcasts.

The core of NaNaPooPoo is still an aggregate RSS feed I created with Yahoo Pipes. It works from a CSV (Comma Separated Values) list of podcasts and their RSS feed addresses. The pipe looks through the list of podcast feeds, selects only the latest show from each feed, and produces one combined feed including only those, latest shows.

Is this legal? Well, best I can tell, assuming the shows are licensed Creative Commons, Attribution, Non-Commercial, No Derivatives, yeah.

The feed provides the full podcast file, no edits, nothing that wasn't already there (No Derivatives). The feed also includes the full shownotes entry, with one small edit to the title, to indicate which podcast that entry came from (Attribution). The NaNaPooPoo Podroll includes a list of all the podcasts and the subscription links for all of them, too. If a listener only likes a couple of the shows, they can go to the Podroll and subscribe separately.

And the NaNaPooPoo Network feed certainly doesn't make me any money(Non-Commercial). It includes my shows, too, of course, so if it gets popular, I get listened to, and so does everybody else. “A rising tide raises all boats.” If the included shows include ads, that's their show, up to them. If my show includes ads, that's up to me. I don't touch their content.

If a podcast “podfades,” that is, stops producing new content, it stops showing up in the Feed. Even their newest show is ignored if it's over 30 days old.

Clean, simple, easy to maintain, easy to subscribe. The subscription address is Just put that where you put feed addresses in your podcast reader. Nothing else needed. If you really need dot-com-slash-something, you can also use It's exactly the same feed.

If a podcast wants to be on my list, all they gotta do is convince me to like the show. Lacking a community, it's all about what I choose to include. Oh, well.

Back when I set all this up, I created a couple of promos the participant podcasts could play on their shows, thus participating in promoting the podcasts. They're listed below; just right-click on the link and “Save Link As,” and so on.

If you want to subscribe to the NaNaPooPoo Network, click on the links above. If you want to listen and see if you like my choices, click on the yellow button below. That's all there is.

Interesting idea, huh?

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