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Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Collective Feed is Back?

I've had the NaBloPoMo Collective Feed up and running since December, when I last did the National Blog Posting Month thing.  Actually completed the whole 31 days, which is pretty cool.  And that after completing NaPodPoMo (the podcasting version) in November.  I type 60 wpm on a good day, so compared to podcasting, blogging is easy.  Of course, other folks work harder at it, with pictures and real stuff to talk about.  Me, I'm more of a technical guy.  Like starting the Collective Feed.  Anyway....

Since December, the Collective Feed has kind of lain fallow, with posts from the original December NaBloPoMo participants still being aggregated, but probably not that many folks paying attention.

Well, LeftCoastCowgirl asked me the other day to fix the feed.  Turned out it was a technical problem between Google, which now owns and operates Feedburner, and Yahoo Pipes, the mechanism I use to do the aggregation.  I couldn't fix it, but I think Google & Yahoo got their acts together.  So far so good, anyway.

Since today is the first day of February, there's a whole new group of folks hoping to complete a whole month of posts -- 28 posts in 28 days, in this case.  Made sense, I thought, to clear the list of all the folks that aren't currently doing NaBloPoMo, and add any of the new folks that wanted to participate.

I do hope any of you folks from the original group who aren't doing it this month won't be offended.  And hey, this might just motivate you to join in once again.  Hey, if you did 31 days, 28 days oughta be a piece of cake, huh?

The Feed, found at, only shows the latest post from each participant, making it easy to keep up with all the different blogs, even if there end up being lots of folks participating.  And I started a group on the NaBloPoMo site,, which explains how easy it is to join the list.  I manage all the technical stuff myself, but hey, that's what I do for fun.

Hey, wait, it's 02/01/2009 -- I just did my first NaBloPoMo post!  See how easy it is?  Only 27 more days to go!


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