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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

All the Mod Cons

Recently, I managed to misplace my scruffy, old, Nokia Tracfone.  Forced to get a new one, I carefully researched the ones on sale at Tracfone.  Picked the second-worst, since I'd heard bad stuff about the worst ones.  Got one that includes double minutes for the life of the phone, a Motorola 376G, something like that.

So much for the life of the phone.

Spent all day wandering around my recently partly remodeled bedroom, trying to figure out where the heck I left my cellphone.  Still stuff to install, so it's still chaos.  That's why I put off moving anything in here for the past few years. 

Dug through the boxes I'd put stuff in so it'd be out of the way while I was moving furniture and whatnot.  No luck.  Even grabbed the cordless from the livingroom, dialed my cell, just to see if it'd ring and I could find it that way.  No ring.

And then I thought about the fact I'd gotten motivated today ... and did laundry.  Left jeans pocket.  It had finished the spin-dry cycle.  I gather machine washing a cellphone is a Bad Thing.

So I just got to do another websearch.  Apparently, if I let it dry out for a few days, it might start working again.  And it might not.

I hate these tiny, new phones you crazy young people have these days.  My next phone will be cheaper, and bigger.  (sigh)


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