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Sunday, January 4, 2009

When a Plan Comes Together

The other day, my friend Randall Head posted a short story he'd written in a group we've been hanging out in for what, a decade or two?  Anyway, he didn't think it was a big deal.  But I read it and thought, "This reads like Flash Fiction."  So I asked him if I could record it and/or submit it to someone else's podcast.  He said I could do what I wanted with it.  Didn't seem terribly enthused; people who know me personally don't expect much from me as a podcaster, so they usually don't go and listen to my shows.

So, I recorded "The Meat," Randall's Flash Fiction story, as Episode 46 of "Stories from the Hiber-Nation."
  I came up with the title myself, since it didn't have a title.  I'd have to say, the rest of the story is much better than the title.  And I thought the recording turned out well.

He apparently loves how it turned out, which pleases me no end.  (Didn't get him anything for Christmas, after all.)  And he told all his friends, and they liked it.  Even prompted a nice comment from a well-known poet friend of his, who I'd never heard of, but I don't know many poets.  Fella was nominated for a Nobel Price for Literature, and he liked it.  That was nice.  And getting other favorable comments on the show, including folks who've known me for a while, listening to my shows for the first time, just because of this story.

I like how it turned out, as I said, and I recommend it for your consideration.  Randall's writing is better than my reading, though he apparently thinks it's the other way around.  Judge for yourself.   In any case, he's a very good writer.

It's been up for 3 days now, and it's been downloaded 40 times.  That's a Big Deal for a little show like mine.

I like doing that sort of thing for friends.  And I like to have good stories to read new stories.  Don't get to do much of that.

So listen, and tell me what you think, okay?  I'll pass any comments along to Randall, too.



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