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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Most stuff down due to broken laptop

Okay, so here's the situation as it stands.

Friday night I went out to Champs as I often have. I brought along the laptop, as I usually do. Stuck around till closing, about 1:30 am, ditto.

Was calling a cab via Skype. Bartender gets impatient, slams the laptop closed.

Saturday morning, the computer is no longer bootable. According to Spinrite, booted from a CD I luckily already had, the harddrive is badly damaged and needs to be replaced. Started Spinrite trying to recover the data. It's been 76 % done since yesterday, and doesn't seem to be doing much in any kind of a hurry.

The laptop has:

My mailserver, so I'm having trouble receiving email;
Skype, so I can't get calls at that 218-206 number;
Audacity, and all my prerecorded source files, so I can't produce more podcasts;
Essentially everything else that allows me to do anything anywhere online.

I'm typing this on my aged Toshiba Satellite 320CDT, which was already failing, which was why I needed the new Dell Inspirion 1525 in the first place. I can slowly finagle my way into most of my online accounts, but most of my tools for quickly accessing them won't work on this old Win98SE machine. The stuff that was already working online, the existing podcasts and whatnot, should continue to be available. I managed to scrape together a brief (and damaged) MP3 on this machine and put that in the Grizzly's Growls feed, but that doesn't tell you much.

Given it's already been over 24 hours since Spinrite started, I don't expect any joyful news about that harddrive, so that'll need to be replaced. How I don't know. Since I'm permanently laid off from work, I don't have money to spend on new harddrives. And then I'd still have to find a way to get the data off the old one and onto the new one. Seems like that won't be an issue for a while, huh?

What little I had going job-hunting-wise was also, of course, via the now-broken laptop. This old thing, well, assuming I can remember the passwords, nothing's gonna be happening in a hurry. Certainly no Twitter & such.

What can I say, I'm dependent on technology. When it breaks, I'm stuck.


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