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Monday, January 12, 2009

The Greatest Thing that Almost Happened

I almost got some good news out of being laid off from my job.  Almost.

Since my employers are completely leaving the state, I'm officially a Displaced Worker.  And since I'm a Displaced Worker, there's a Program that would pay for me to get an education in something different.  Maybe even, something I'd actually enjoy doing for a living.  That'd be pretty much a first.

And what would be the perfect career education for an inveterate podcaster?  How 'bout "Media Studies and Production?"  Sound perfect, right?  Not something I've done before, but something I damn well ought to be good at, after all.

And for just a little while there, I was supposed to be starting school for exactly that.  Today.  All paid for, all set but the paperwork.  Checked with several different people, everyone said it certainly could be done.  Till this weekend.

Apparently, early in the week there were openings.  Now there aren't.   They say I can start school in the Fall, if I wanna.

Of course, my unemployment runs out in June.

So, the most likely result is that I'll end up in another half-assed job for too little money, with nothing better coming because by modern standards, I have no education whatsoever.  And by the time fall rolls around, because I'm a loyal employee, even in sucky jobs, and because as an Aspie I don't cope well with change EVER, I'll probably just stay there.  Or the program that's supposed to pay for alla that education will be eliminated due to the economy -- even though it exists because of the economy.

I need to do something now.  And they won't let me.  I could, of course, go to school for some other job.  Just at the moment, I can't think of any I'd actually want.  Nothing that'd compare with what I actually want to do.

I'm sure you're thinking, I should Think Positive.

Like the fella said, "Why think positive?  Wouldn't work, anyway."


And this will probably be another week when I won't do a podcast.  I put the last one on hold, because I wanted to talk about my exciting new educational stuff.  Now it's not happening.  Now I'm sad.  And I really don't feel like talking about that.



  1. I hate to sound confronting but it sounds like you dropped the ball with registration. I may be wrong, but I hope I'm not as I wish these programs to work if people follow proper procedure. I am sorry for your situation but sometimes you simply have to go out there and make these programs work instead of waiting for them to work for you. Best of luck.

  2. Well, you're correct abut one thing. You may be wrong. ;-) I'm sure no offense was intended; you talk like me when I'm trying to not give offense.

    It was mostly due to my employers having the "discourtesy" to close the office in the Spring Quarter. Like most schools, this one is focused around starts in the Fall Quarter, and Spring starts are less available. One class I needed for a Spring start, Video Editing I, got filled up in the 2-3 days between the possibility opening up and my trying a Spring start. With that one class, the Instructor could stretch a point and let me start. Without it, he couldn't. Probably reasonable.

    A Fall Quarter start would be possible, if I were still likely to be eligible in Fall. I suspect I'll be stuck in another low-pay telemarketing job by June -- and the funding program is intended to get me employed, not make me happy in life.

    As for making the program work for me, I've signed up for another program of education. Second choice, not a lifetime-opportunity Dream Job. So yes, I'm still allowed to be disappointed about the latter.

    One of my weaknesses is I'm slower and more detail-focused when doing new stuff, when trying to follow a "proper procedure" with which I'm unfamiliar (Aspie thing, I think). To quote my favorite line from Professor Chipping in 'Goodbye, Mr. Chips:'

    "The Milk's spilt; don't let's cry."


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