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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A dilemma, but a GOOD dilemma

I just got myself all twisted up every-which-way.

On Monday, the first episode of my next book for Stories from the Hiber-Nation, "Flatland: a Romance of Many Dimensions," popped up on the feed.  This is fine.

Also on Monday, the nice folks at the ET Seton Institute said it'd be real nice to have an audio version of the first story from Seton's "Wild Animals I Have Known," entitled "Lobo, King of the Carrumpaw," also available on that player thingie they set up for the first two books I recorded.  This was kind of urgent.  They're now getting much more traffic, because PBS did an episode of their series "Nature" called "The Wolf that Changed America," about Seton, and about "Lobo, the King of Carrumpaw."  Their show was narrated by F Murray Abraham, which frankly left me feeling a bit intimidated.  But I think I do a much better Ernest Thompson Seton.  ;-)

So all day Monday, I vascillated over what to do: record "Lobo" alone, as a side project; stop "Flatland" and record "Wild" entirely, including Lobo; wait till after Flatland (sometime in February) to record Wild/Lobo (figuring out some way to get the file to the Institute); do one section of each book on alternating days; ramble in circles and mumble to myself...

I chose the ramble-and-mumble option.  Thus, I still hadn't made a decision by the time the first part of Flatland posted on the feed.  Didn't want to do Lobo without adding it to the feed.  Didn't want to add it to the feed without doing the whole book.  Didn't want to interrupt the feed after one part of Flatland.  But...

Today, finally, I made a decision, which I didn't finish till just now (3:00 am Wednesday).  Like everybody else, I spent Tuesday watching Inauguration-related stuff (Yay Us!).   Tuesday evening, I took down the two following episodes of Flatland, and stuck them away for future reference.  And tonight, I recorded, edited and posted the first part of "Wild Animals I Have Known," including "Lobo."  (One of the best readings I've done IMHO, but there's a slight audio flaw the source of which I only figured out after I'd recorded, edited, and uploaded the show.  Oh, well.)

So now, I have the first part of Flatland up Monday evening, nothing Tuesday, and the first part of "Wild Animals I Have Known" will be dropping around 6:00 pm tonight.  And I'm still not sure what to do after that.  Marginal plan, with which I'm still uncomfortable:  Leave Flatland on hold (wasn't enjoying it as much as I thought), finish "Wild Animals," and come back to Flatland after that, around the end of next week.  Or just drop Flatland as a bad idea -- even though I sort of got the idea from Spider Robinson's podcast.  Not his fault, though.

Still feels all fouled up.

But it's sure nice to have the problem of a request for a show, and the possibility of more people hearing My Stuff!

More such problems, please!  Thanks!


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