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Friday, December 12, 2008


Yesterday, I created a new account on, a site for voice actors to find work, and producers to find voice actors. Haven't finished setting everything up yet.

I really like the idea of working as a voice actor. I'm told I have a good voice for some purposes. I recall one young lady suggesting I'd be good at "down-home, folksy" political ads, or words to that effect. I picture something like Wilford Brimley did not too very long ago. I'm not as old as he, but that's a good thing -- good for me, anyway.

I'm still pretty much clueless as to how one starts at such things, but I suspect that's always the case. In any field of endeavor, I find, one never really knows how to start until long after one is in the full flow of a career. Then one has plenty of advice to offer the new folks -- who won't be able to understand the advice well enough to take advantage of it, till they in turn are well into it.

Since I haven't actually done any voice work yet, I don't have any samples or demos to offer. But I think I'll take advantage of what I do have. I have the promos from my own podcasts, plus a dozen I recorded for play on other folks' podcasts, to see if I can inspire in their listenership interest in listening to my offerings.

I only have a vague idea why anyone would want to listen to my shows, but I'm getting there. Right now, I have 78-or-so subscribers total, 19 subscribed only to "Grizzly's Growls," 21 subscribed only to "Stories from the Hiber-Nation," and 38 subscribed to the main feed, which includes both. I'm assuming no one would subscribe to both single feeds, or to a single feed and the combined feed. Not really sure, though.

Anyway, I at least have those promos to offer as "demos." Not what your average voice actor would have. But who says I'm your average voice actor?

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