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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Twas the Morning Before Christmas

I'm supposed to go to my sister's late husband's family's house for Christmas Eve dinner. I didn't really get them anything. I did make one of my Audio Christmas Cards, but that's it. I'm tempted to bring along my computer, just so I have something to do.

I will bring along my audio recorder and digital camera, of course. Let's not be unreasonable here. And hey, that'd give me a reason to bring along the laptop, so I could record the party and then burn a CD of it! Yeah, that's a good excu... reason.

I hope you're all happy and warm as you can be this Holiday Season. It's been a stressful holiday for me (that not-currently-employed thing), though I think I did at least one thing rather well, the "Audio Christmas Card" podcast episode. Hope you downloaded a copy, since I didn't send you a card as such. I didn't send anybody else cards, either.

Oh, well, Christmas comes but once a year -- thank the PTB -- and then we get to enjoy the coldest part of winter.

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