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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

I'm mentally working through the idea of doing more frequent podcasts.  Again.

I said I was going to do that at the end of NaPodPoMo, but then I didn't manage to have a book ready to record for "Stories from the Hiber-Nation."  I still don't have a book picked, so I'd imagine I'm unlikely to get anywhere near daily on that podcast.  But it seems like a good idea.  I notice that since I did 30 podcasts in 30 days, my listenership has gone up tremendously -- not Feedburner-detected subscribers, but listeners who go to the website to download shows.

I am also learning the true meaning of "the Long Tail."  The biggest recent show I've had is 60 listeners.  But go back to the earliest shows, I've got one with nearly 500 downloads over the past two years.  Eventually, everyone listens to "The Lost Episode."  Didn't think it was that big of a deal at the time, and in fact, I was thinking then I'd just pull it back down after a few days.  Still don't know why people still listen to that, though I suppose it was a rather intense, personal show.  But folks still do. 

The other big show is episode 17, "Infinite Diversity."  I suspect that's all about TR Kelley's music.  The audio on my talking is a bit crappy, but the music turned out well, and I "went deep" on TR's music and background.  Wish I could do more of that.  And then there's Episode 43, "Some Days You Eat the Bear," which has an incredible number of listeners.  That's another one that stumps me.

And every show I've ever recorded has been listened to at least twice this month, and is listened to multiple times every month.  That's the long tail.  Do enough small projects with a little bit of interest at a time, it can really add up quickly.

It's almost a shame I can't set up one of those pre-roll-advertising redirects with my Libsyn-hosted page.  I just might have enough traffic there to inspire some advertiser interest.  Wouldn't get rich, but it might pay the podcasting bills.  Actually, the podcasting bills are the least of my worries.  It really isn't very expensive to do what I'm doing now.  There's more I could do there, and I have a friend who's been strongly suggesting (shall we say) that there are projects I could start rather straightforwardly, that could lead to potential business.  It wouldn't be impossible to turn podcasting into a small business -- not a living, but a small business.

And maybe a living.  I can still dream.

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