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Monday, December 22, 2008

Nothing Goes As Planned

A short while ago, I spent $25 to order a pop filter from eBay. I've been having a real problem with pops when saying P-words while recording my podcasts.

Last night, I went to Radio Shack and spent $3 on a "wind filter." It's basically a little "cap" made out of "audio foam," that you put over the top of a microphone, to block wind, especially when you're going to be recording out of doors. I'd lost the wind filter that came with my H2 recorder, shortly after I got the thing. I tried to replace it with a random piece of foam.

Turns out, with the wind filter on there, I don't get pops anymore. (sigh) So now I have a $25 pop filter that serves no particular purpose for me. I suppose I'll give it a try, to see if it helps anything. Can't return it and get the $25 back; it is eBay, after all.

I really shouldn't be allowed to have money.

1 comment:

  1. think of it as economic stimulus. Not your economics, of course, but somebodies. And Ebay's.


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