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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A New Job, Maybe?

I signed up on Monday to go out for a job interview/testing today at a local company. I've actually tested and interviewed out there before, for two jobs at once, in fact. But they decided at the time to not hire me. That happens there. It usually takes several tries to get a job at that (rather large) company.

And how do I know that? A whole slew of folks who'd previously worked for my erstwhile current employers got hired away by that other company over the last several years. I still have, I hope, a number of folks to give as references for the job, who I've worked with in the past, and who work there now. In fact, the lady who hired me where I am now (more or less) works at the new place now.

So we'll see. It'd be a heck of a commute for me. But I knew that going in. And hey. It's a job, and even pays well!

In further news, I decided to drop my membership at It turns out the free membership there, apparently, just gives me the opportunity to link to their site, which helps them more than me. And I get informed of all the new projects they have. But I don't get invited to try out for them, and can't even be found in their search engine, unless I pay $300 or so for a Premium membership. Since I don't have $300 to blow on something so chancy, I quit the free account.

Use your own judgement.

As for me, I've been cast for an unpaid voice acting role in an audioplay coming soon to an Internet near you. So we'll see how that turns out, huh?


UPDATE: I missed the bus, so I missed my appointment. And they didn't have a day available for rescheduling. Oh, well. Next time.

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