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Saturday, December 27, 2008

My next big promotional idea -- and a Win-Win Proposition, too!

I have a wonderful plan.

I just started following @ScottMonty on Twitter, the Ford Motor Company social media guy. And that got me thinkin'. Ford has lots of trucks, and their sales have fallen off a bit with the current economic situation. I have a podcast, and listeners have fallen off cause I'm kinda boring...

So, how about this: Ford gives me a Ford F150, no wait, make it a Superduty, that's the big one, right? And I do a promotional giveaway on my podcast. I get listeners, they get Social Media Buzz, everybody wins. I mean, sure, they could do that on one of the really big podcasts, but where's the news value in that? This would be Really Big News, now wouldn't it?

I can't see any reason why Ford wouldn't go for that, can you? But I'll have to ask the folks who make the Grizzly ATV, too.

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