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Monday, December 15, 2008

Back in the Saddle

Ya know what I'm thankful for -- or at least I will be, I think?

If you've followed the blog from the beginning, you'll recall I used to do some stage acting. Even got paid a couple times. Never was good at all that eye-contact and physical coordination stuff, though.

Well, just a couple days ago, I auditioned for a audioplay being put together by Misfits Audio. And I got a part!

It's acting, a bit like radio acting in results. But I can record my lines here, send them across the InterTubes to the Producer, and it all gets massaged into a (hopefully) cohesive show on his end. I've got one or two "spear carrier" roles I might end up doing, and one fairly meaty role. Both comedies, so I can't really say "audio drama." And I don't have to schedule time to get to tryouts and whatnot., either.

This sounds like fun. I hope it still "sounds like fun" when I'm done recording it! ;-)

Yay! Now I've got something to be thankful for!


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