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Monday, December 29, 2008

Another big storm?

We're supposed to get another moderately big snow today, with more on Wednesday, they say.  Mostly, it'll be a wind problem.  Blowing snow is always a worry, especially travelling around here.

My sister and I are supposed to go up to Mom's in Silver Bay in the next few days.  The "Winter Weather Advisory" is mostly for north of Duluth, but it extends as far east as Silver Bay.  So driving up there is liable to be worrisome.  And if the snow persists up through the rest of the week, who knows?

We each got Mom a big present this year.  I got one that arguably will be more fun for me than her, but it'll be a good thing for her to have, one of those things it'd be marginally irresponsible for me not to get for her.  Although my sister says I'm kidding myself, she doesn't have the technical background to understand, really; no offense, just sayin'. 

My sister got her something I recall Mom saying she was considering getting.  Even if she doesn't use the full capabilities, it'll still be useful -- and it looks very nice, too.  Gotta be careful what I say about the gifts; dunno if Mom reads my blog, and I don't want to spoil the surprise!  ;-)

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