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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Yes, we did.

Well, we managed somehow to elect the right man as President. I was worried about that. In fact, I had to stop watching last night, because I just didn't want to know if it was all for naught.

So far, so good. Barack Obama is President-Elect. I don't know if he can do everything he promised. But I believe he'll do his best. And he will do what he can. And he will act for the right reasons.

As is usual with new Presidents, I suspect the Market will rebound for a while at least. In fact, the most a President can do is change other people's attitudes and plans. Where people see him as a force for change, and change is needed, that will do a lot to ease some of the pain.

I wonder if and when folks will start calling his Presidency "the New Camelot." Oh, wait, I just did. You're welcome to quote me -- I was a child during the old Camelot, and this one certainly has potential.

Congratulations, folks. I think we did this one right.

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