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Monday, November 17, 2008

A Network Update

Had a brief problem with the Feeds address. Went out to GoDaddy and fiddled around with the domain settings, helped a little.

Finally changed the domain servers my computer was using from Qwest's local DNS to OpenDNS. Problem went away, apparently. Go figure.

Anyway, at the moment, works just fine, and the current three subscribers (!) will get the show just fine.

Gotta love technology.

Oh, and I've had yet another podcaster inquire about joining the network. Which is cool; two proactive requests to join from non-NaPodPoMo podcasts. I did add the various NaPodPoMo special feeds on my own hook, just to stress-test the Pipe. Got a few nifty features in there now. And a couple that are installed but "unplugged;" I wanted to stick with the plain-vanilla network till I'm sure there's interest in pursuing the project. Most of the feed-aggregating work will be done by Yahoo! Pipes, but managing the list will be all on me for the moment.

I hope those that -are- trying out the network are as intrigued by the possibilities as I am. After all, it's supposed to be fun, isn't it?

Thanks for your interest!


I gotta work to keep track of who's actually joined the network.


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