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Monday, November 17, 2008

The Book

Was just looking at my Podcast page. At the top, there was a Google AdSense link (yes, that's my fault, too) pointing to a place where I can get a Guide to getting a book published, sent to me by mail. You remember mail, it involved paper and stamps and whatnot.

And I'm thinkin, I've basically been producing a book for a few years now, published it myself to the whole damn world (HINT: You're looking at the current last page) and nobody had to send me a package in the mail to explain how to do it, or an envelope within which to enclose the check. I just started typing, and here I am still typing. And everybody in the world who knows how can come find it.

Then there's the mult-volume, unabridged, audio book I've produced since February of last year, some of it explaining my life, some of it just rambling on incoherently and playing other people's music. You might have heard of it. (See Other Webpage, hint, hint.)

Then there's the three books written by two other people that I've produced in audio form -- and rather well, in my own humble opinion.

So, if I click on the link and get the package in the mail about "How to Get a Book Published," what do I get? Anything new, or just another way to send other folks money?

Stay tuned for another Thrilling Adventure.

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