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Monday, November 3, 2008

"Bang! Bang!" And another Podcast bites the dust.

Just finished posting Episode 73 of Grizzly's Growls, entitled "Not for Broadcast." Maybe I shouldn't have called it that.

I mean, hey, you wanna pass the show along to your friends, that's "broadcast," and that'd be a real nice thing to do. Or point 'em to the website, even better. If they don't get the whole downloading MP3's thing, they can still click the "Listen" button, and listen to the shows without having to fiddle too much. And I'd get more folks listening, and I'd be one step closer to being a dot-com billionaire. Or something.

As for NaPodPoMo, after filling in the first one-day gap with this show, I'm good until 11/10, when I'm supposed to do another Grizzly's Growls. I really like doing so many shows; podcasting involves all kinda stuff I'd be doing for fun without the incentive of the big challenge.

Except now I have to wait for next week, cause I'm kinda booked up till then.

So far, so good. I hope I can manage the second 15 days.

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