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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ya know what's a shame?

I do a podcast -- DARN IT! -- I keep meaning to call it a Webcast. Most of my listeners don't use iTunes, they get my shows from the Grizzly's Growls Website. Which also means (most likely) most of my listeners don't use iPods, they use some other sort of MP3 player, or even one of the Flash players on the website. Webcast. Webcast-webcast-webcast. Anyway.

One of the things I like doing on my show is audiobook reviews. I usually review books from, cause I really can't afford to be buying books alla time, and I get to download them for free (they appreciate donations, too, of course, I should say).

Is this what they call "burying the lead?"

Well, here's the trouble. I just reloaded my MP3 player with new 'casts, 4 Gig worth, somewhere between 72 and 144 hours of audio, best guesstimate. I'm a month behind. I like listening to the Shows, but now I don't seem to have time to listen to Books. I really should prune my list down a bit. By about half, say. Hate to miss one, but it's not like I'm gonna run out. By the time I finish this 144 hours, I'll have another two or three hundred hours waiting for me. (sigh)

Then there's that "I need long stretches of silence" thing.

And since I haven't been listening to books, I've got no reviews to do this week. And what else have I got to talk about? Since I generally talk too much anyway, maybe that's a good thing? After all, when I started doing that silly show, I said it was gonna be 10 minutes long!

And ya know what else is a shame? Ronnie Blackwell came out with a new Jonny C Mystery, called "Spite," and I didn't even know about it till now -- cause he didn't do an audio book this time. It's available as a print-on-demand paperback or as a PDF file from Lulu for cheap.

Now he's working on the 3rd. And I haven't even seen the second one yet! And what, I'm actually expected to read the darn thing, not just listen to it?

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