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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Too Early, and Too Late

It's almost 2:00 am here. I've been looking at the next part of "Beggar," and trying to get motivated to get it recorded.

Instead of recording, though, I spent Saturday fiddling with a half-dozen social networks and a couple new microblogging setups. I also added links to all my various "Net Presences" on my Grizzly's Growls Presents podcast page. Most of the things I linked to, I never really use, but I feel like I ought to. I think it's by being Present so many places that folks finally hear about the shows and what I've been trying to do.

I grabbed a couple new audio files I can use to fill out the regular podcast. There's that "You Don't Need an iPod" thing, Nobilis' PSA of course, that sort of thing. I even have the Environmental Defense Fund sending me a copy of the audio for one of their commercials I rather admired on Hulu. I'm not a radical about the environment, or much of anything else. But I do feel it's important, there's stuff that just has to be said, and I have a "bully pulpit" from which to say some of it.

Sometimes, granted, I feel like I'm kinda cheating, using so much content from other folks. I suppose it's not unusual; most of broadcast radio & TV consists of playing music by other people, telephone calls with other people, news about other people. Almost no one creates all their own content, all by themselves.

But I keep feeling like I ought to be creating more myself. The show is supposed to be from me, not just clever manipulation of existing content, but something I create myself. It's a high standard, maybe an absurd standard, but it's a standard I feel strongly I should be achieving, or reaching for.

Anyway, it's way too early to start work for Sunday, and too late to worry about Saturday. Sometimes, I miss a step. To quote Professor Chipping, from "Goodbye, Mr Chips," The Milk's spilt. Don't let's cry.

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