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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

NaNaPooPoo, or whatever: The Drama Continues

Ya know, drinking and computing don't mix.

Last night, after a discussion on Twitter of whether I actually invented "NaNaPooPoo" as a term for NaPodPoMo (National Podcast Post Month), and after several too many beers, I registered two new domain names: "," and ""

I have no idea why.

I have no practical use for those domain names, nor can I conceive of any for anyone else. I really should cancel both -- assuming it's possible to recover any of the money, which is at best uncertain. And yet...

Both were cleverly conceived, I thought. True I don't know of any potential use for "NaPooPooMo." Maybe someday, when the National Fertilizer Board decides to have "National Fertilizer Month," they'll come running, and I'll become wealthy and powerful overnight. Hey, could happen.

And "" sure seems like someone would have a use for it, some day, doesn't it? It's just clever enough to be really useful for something -- say a humorous podcast of some sort. Unfortunately, I'm not a very funny guy, so it won't be my humor podcast. So maybe I should hold on to that one. Or maybe both?

And the one I've been thinking about registering for a while, that I really intended to register -- I still haven't registered.

LIS, drinking and computing don't mix.

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