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Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday Monday Monday! Going to Work on Monday!

Ya know, this NaPodPoMo stuff doesn't seem that hard, necessarily. I just recorded the first five days' worth of shows, and know what I'm likely to be doing for much of the rest. Decided to do a bunch of "Stories from the Hiber-Nation" episodes, since I can do those far in advance, and I have a whole lot of "Beggar" to finish.

"Grizzly's Growls," though, I'm kinda stumped on. All the stuff I've had happening in my life, I already discussed last show. Don't want to discuss politics, which seems to be the big topic for a few more days at least. Scary times, what with how vicious some folks are getting. Don't even wanna think about it.

I can do another project from "Grizzly's Giving Page," see if I can stir up some interest that way. I'm still the only donor who's used the page, though, and I hadn't intended on spending all my money on charity this month. I figured the only fair way to handle that aspect, was to donate $10 myself to each project I review on the show. And maybe, eventually, someone will decide it's as good an idea as I feel it is.

Monday morning I have to go to work, of course. It's been a while since I've worked mornings; I've been on a schedule where I didn't even start work till 2:00 pm, and that was rather short-term, too. For the next couple weeks, though, I'm supposed to be starting at 10:00 am, so I can do some work on B-to-B calling. It's only telemarketing, but that's what I get paid to do, so that's what I do.

Maybe I'll just keep it short and hope to get to the end of the show with my dignity intact. Could be worse, could be snowing. Oh, wait, it is snowing. Nevermind.

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