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Friday, October 24, 2008

The Mantle of Righteousness

One fundamental assumption of the Rules of Righteousness, is that one knows what is right, and exactly how one is supposed to behave.

But one rule of the New Age -- hell, a rule of every age since the Dawn of Man, is that none of us know what actions produce what consequences. The times, they are a changin'. That's the nature of "The Times."

So, since even the most clever and "technosavvy" of us don't have any frikkin' idea what's going on or what are the right actions to produce the right consequences... we can never be other than "sinners." We can never do other than Epic Fail.

We will, always and forever till the end of the known universe, fail to make the right choices. Because there are always new choices and new consequences. We will always fail; if not under the old rules, then under the new ones, whatever we find out later they were.

WE CAN NEVER REALLY BE RIGHTEOUS, in a world of constantly changing consequences. So, all the pointed fingers in the world need big floppy red gloves on them, to go with the foam-rubber noses, fright wigs and "clown shoes."

Glad I settled all that. I'll bill ya later.

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