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Monday, October 6, 2008

Fun with a GIANT BABY

Just for fun, I was typing in Twitters mentioning various current-campaign political candidates and a GIANT BABY, and watching the "wide-open" Election feed, to see it all show up there. Twitter is for Fun, it isn't for pushing political crap. I'm hatin' me some politics today.

So, after a while, Some Guy sent me a Tweet demanding a link to some source, and I pointed out I was "just playin'," which I was. Love me some technology.

After which, anything I said about McCain or Palin was blocked from that feed. But if I said something about Obama or Biden, it went right through.


Like any post about a GIANT BABY on Twitter will be taken seriously and immediately show up on CNN & Fox.

Actually, it probably would. You know how us Conservatives get.

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