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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Absolutely and Unforgivably Shameless... VOTE, DAMNIT!

It is understandable, perhaps, that the Republicans have learned a basic truth of USian elections. People who actually show up and vote, rule the country.

And the people who actually do show up and vote, in spite of what ever "spite" is spewed, even if they have to wade to the polls through overflowing sewers of political aggression, are Republicans. And the Republican "leaders" know, whatever level of hell they descend to, no matter how beyond human comprehension the levels of depravity they reach, no matter if they create new levels of evil in their hateful, so-called political action...

Republicans still show up to vote Republican. Democrats only show up to vote if they're pissed off about something. And if you piss off folks enough, ANY folks, they WON'T vote, demonstrating that the Royalist pigs are right, that We the People are not worthy of our More Perfect Union.

They tried in the 1770's. They lost.

They tried in the 1810's. They lost.

They tried in the 1860's. They lost.

But they never quit. Minions never quit, cause quitters never win.

So, basically, it is in the best interest of the Republican Party to encourage USians to NOT VOTE. For their purposes, whatever you do, don't vote, and they win.

It's kind of like, "if people stop showing up for work (or whatever), the Terrorists win!"

Well, "if people stop showing up for voting, the Republican Leaders Win!" The same leaders who funded the same terrorists who've most recently attacked us.

Kind of a shameful association.

But one the Republican "leadership" chose for themselves. They could all show up for a meeting of the Ba'ath party, and no one would notice. Where do you think the funding for Bin Laden's organization came from? PTA teas? Bin Laden was originally funded by the CIA. Who was the Director of Central Intelligence at the time? But I mean that in the nicest possible way. ;-)

And with all the money they've spent to create that association, let's not let them down, by golly! You wouldn't want to let down the glorious leaders of the Grand Old Party, now would you? (And they lied about -that-, too. That other party was founded by Thomas Jefferson, just a little bit earlier.)

If you don't vote, you decide to surrender your vote to the supporters of everything you'd be most ashamed to have stain your family name. If you don't vote, you surrender to everything this country was founded to stamp out.

If you do vote, EVEN IF YOU VOTE REPUBLICAN, at least you voted, you showed them that no matter how hard the Republicans try to make you ashamed of your country, you are still apart of the most important experiment in self-government in the history of humanity.

If you don't vote... the terrorists win.

Some of the terrorists wear ties, and live in D.C. Go figure.


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