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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Re: Differences in Age

It was 31 Jul 2008, when D.J. commented:

> On Sat, 26 Jul 2008 02:02:51 GMT, Bean Counter
> <> wrote:
> ]L'Academie Francaise might claim they don't speak French, but rather
> ]Joual.
> Well, one of my relatives married a Canadian. And as far as much
> of Franch is concerned, French isn't spoken anywhere in Canada.
> My brother-in-law said their attitude is that French-Canadians
> speak a 'country yokel' version of French. An American who speaks
> American high school French gets more respect in France.

Actually, what most American HS students learn is Parisian French. They
sound like French snobs. As compared to Quebecois snobs.

Me, I'd rather sound like a Minnesotan snob. More accurate, more precise.
Most annoying movie I've seen in a few years was "Far North," which had
characters that didn't sound anything whatsoever like Minnesotans.
Sounded like Canadians. Sounded like American actors trying to do bad
Canadian accents since they had no clue what Minnesotans sound like.

Potentially the most annoying movie to me would be a movie version of Gore
Vidall's book, "Duluth." Which has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do
with Duluth, where I grew up.

But if you're Gore Vidal, truth is beside the point. Money is the point.
If it sounds artsy-fartsy enough, you get money. If not, you don't.
Truth is irrelevant.

And you know how I get about truth.


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