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Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Peter Principle for Podcasters -- Like Me

Once again, I seem to have "broken" my podcast. Everything works, and nothing helps.

I had changed my main "Grizzly's Growls" feed a while back to only show the main podcasts, and not any of the stories. I have a separate "Stories from the Hiber-Nation" feed with only the stories, none of the podcasts.

Then I decided it'd be nice to add a feed that was both the Podcasts and the Stories. So I changed the old Libsyn feed address to have both.

And then I thought some more. Bad mistake.

I decided it made more sense for the oldest, "main" feed to have both. So I changed the main feed back to everything, and introduced yet another feed, GGPO, to have Grizzly's Growls Podcasts Only. The stories are still on grizzlysgrowlsstory. But now it seems like nobody knows what they ought to be subscribed to, so I'm losing subscribers on all three feeds.

Dumb of me. Which made me think of the Peter Principle for Podcasters -- a podcaster will tend to keep tinkering till no one is subscribed anymore, because all the changes annoy the subscribers, and they say "to heck with all this."

At least, if "a podcaster" means Me.

Sorry about that. Assuming anyone still reads this. I should just pull the pin on the ancient Changeling Turkey blog, too. I haven't had anything more to say there, and it's just diluting the message, confusing me, and confusing everybody else, too.

If you're subscribed to the Changeling Turkey feed, I've redirected it to the feed for my newer blog, the "Life and Times" blog. Don't like the name as much, but ... Hmmm... Well, that was easy. Why didn't I think of that before?

Anyway, the Changeling Turkey feed will continue to work for the moment.

Oh, well. If I were an expert -- I'd be Leo LaPorte.

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