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Saturday, June 7, 2008

New Stuff for Supporting the Podcast

Like most bloggers and podcasters, I've always dreamed of Just Doing This, and not doing that annoying job thing. I'm a telemarketer with Asperger Syndrome, so for me it's not just a dream, it's an obsession. Maybe a medical necessity?

Anyway, added another couple Things for folks who might want to help support the show(s). I just signed up for the Amazon Affiliate program. I review a lot of audio books on the podcast, and I knew Seth Harwood had his first Jack Palms book, "Jack Wakes Up," published in Real Paper and available on Amazon. So I was gonna link to that. Then I thought, "Can I link to it -and- help pay the bills?" Found a Widget that allows me to provide links to all the books I've reviewed that are now available on Amazon. Sure are a lot of 'em.

Anyway, if you heard the review, liked the book, and want to help out, just click on the link in the widget when you're going to buy a paper copy of the book from Amazon, and I make a few pennies. Couldn't hurt, if you were gonna buy one anyway, right? Also put a link in the widget to a package they have for the Samson Zoom H2, which is what I use to record all my audio. Cool gadget, you get a decent deal on it, I make a few more pennies.

And there's a link up near the Donate button (remember the Donate button?) that is simply a link to, which gives me a few pennies more credit for your interest.

Don't gotta do it. Doesn't cost you anything extra. But it'd help me out.

Thanks much.

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