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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

MP3 player for Grandma

Hi. Two things.

One, a long while back now I sent a comment about getting an MP3 player
for Mom. As I recall you suggested the Zune -- big display, simple
buttons, and so on. There was one other you suggested, I forget which.
Still haven't gotten one for Mom, though I did get one a them cassette
tape adapters for her, for when I eventually get a player she can use.
(She's also expressed an interest in my old laptop, since she wants to
play her audiobook CDs, too.)

Anyway, I wanted to mention that my Grizzly's Growls podcast, at, is still getting maybe one hit a week for
searches for "MP3 Player for Grandma." Or maybe that's the Blog; I have
three blogs, including one for the Podcast, which frankly is kinda
ridiculous, I admit.

Speaking of the tape adapter, we get to my other topic. Don't think there
is one of these. I recall there was an MP3 player or USB flash drive
(also an MP3 player?) that came in a box shaped like a cassette tape. You
guys may have talked about it, or it might have been on Gadgettes, I don't
recall. Anyway, wouldn't it be cool if there were an MP3 player that was
(1) shaped like a cassette, and (2) included built in electronics to act
as it's own cassette tape adapter?

The one problem there would be control while it's in the cassette player.
Two possibilities there: an infrared-remote sensor designed to look out
the usual clear window in the tape player door, with a remote, or
mechanisms to sense the movement of the rollers of the cassette player, on
play, fast-forward and rewind, and work the controls that way. I think
the latter has cooler implications, BTW.

I'm fine if somebody wants to build one, I'll buy it. But I do demand
bragging rights for having thought of it! ;-)




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