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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Do people still do longform blog posts?

The other day, I set up a Thingie -- that's the technical computer term, a Thingie -- to have all my Twitter posts show up on my "regular," longform blog. This one.

Frequently and strenuously hated. Took it back down. Even I found it annoying. It is what all the Cool Kids are doing, but it still sucks.

But now I'm wondering, do people still do regular blogposts, anymore? Have the number of regular blogposts gone down, since the number of microblog posts have gone up?

For me, I often don't have that much to say. Then again, I think the reason I -don't- have so many regular blog posts, is that I'm used to not having to think about what I'm saying. "Hey, I need two or three sentences. How difficult could that be?"

But I don't actually have to think about what the post means. What does what I just said imply? What also has to be said, for that to make sense? To what extent is what I said just plain, flat wrong, if I don't take it further? Am I totally full of crap, and I can't tell, because I didn't take the thought to it's logical conclusion?

Twitter and other services can be great fun. But it just ain't blogging. Maybe one tenth of one percent of the Tweets on Twitter are actually significant. And the rest is mostly stuff people would mumble under their breath, if they didn't have a computer or cellphone handy.

And I'll probably still keep Twittering, because it's an interesting community. I first learned of the death of George Carlin, from a Tweet by Andy Ihnatco. Sometimes, you see something you'd never even know about. Most of the time, a ham sandwich reference would double the excitement level. But someday, when we're all old and gray -- not just me -- we'll be able to say, "Yeah, when I was a kid of 50 or so, we used to Twitter all the time."

Won't that be exciting. Especially when they say, "What's Twitter?"

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