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Thursday, May 29, 2008


I just reactivated my SETI@Home account the other day, and installed the
Stuff for running that project. I also added Proteins@Home and one of the
Astronomy projects.

BOINC is a combined shared-processing time system. For example, SETI@Home
uses extra, unused processing time on folks' computers, to process the
vast amount of radio data received from the various radiotelescopes used
to monitor what might be radio transmissions from other planets -- the
Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence, or SETI.

It's an amazing process to be part of. I have no idea what I'm doing, but
somehow, a little bit of unused time on my laptop here is devoted to
examining received radio signals from space, sorting through this vast
amount of radio data for recognizeable patterns that might be from a non-
human intelligence on some planet far, far away...

I wanted to add a BOINC-Wide Team, and offer that as an option on my
various webpages. Not sure I understand how all that works. And it'd be
nice if I could figure out how to create a link to the group, whereever
that might be.

Anyway, once I figure it out, I hope you'll consider joining the Grizzlys
Growls Podcast Fans team. The one on SETI@Home already exists, and I'll
just have to see if it pops up on the other sites. Not sure what I'm
doing, but it seems important. Especially the Proteins@Home project, an
attempt to try the various ways of folding proteins, hoping to find
proteins that can help with the fight against cancer, and other illnesses.

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