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Sunday, April 20, 2008

What I wish the Zoom H2 would do

I've had my Sampson Zoom H2 for a couple months now, and while I'm very happy to have it and have fun playing with it, there are a few things I'd like to see improved.

For one thing, the display screen is way too small for my aging eyes. I could see a screen of double the size, with no severe change in overall size of the device. The user interface is also a bit of a hassle. I dunno about more buttons, but a touch screen like the one on my Palm PDA would be helpful indeed -- better display that way, too.

I note that the earphone jack is on one side of the device, and the mike jack is on the other. This doesn't serve well if I want to use it with a computer-style headset. Another option would be a submini jack to work with one of those old-style cellphone headsets. You'd lose a bit of quality, but gain in convenience for some uses.

Speaking of convenience and quality, as it stands now, if I plug in an external mike, I lose all four of the internal mikes. For "on the street" interviews, it'd be nice to use a headset mike for myself and be able to point the Zoom at the interviewee(s). Perhaps a good compromise would be if plugging in the external would cut out only the Front mikes, the ones at 90 degrees, and leave the Back mikes available, the ones at 120 degrees. Those, after all, would be the ones pointed away from me most of the time, anyway.

I doubt if the Samson Zoom H2 folks are liable to change this for one blogger and podcaster, though. So jump in anywhere, if you agree.

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