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Friday, April 4, 2008

Under The Weather

Missed another show last weekend, sorry about that. I was pretty worn out, and possibly down with whatever people are coming down with this year who don't actually die. Anyway, wrote the show script this week already, tinkered with recording part of it yesterday, threw out what I had because of too much background noise. I know I'm not the best about having a quiet environment, but I do make some effort.

I've got two reviews in train, one already written and one for the show after next. I have a couple songs from the iDSL waiting. I always try to ask for permission, and sometimes I don't hear back in time, but I've yet to have anyone complain I'd played their songs, so far, so good.

I also think I finished setting up the Changeling Turkey blog to be a podcast for my storytelling. Never tried that with a Blogger blog, but other folks do it all the time. So if you liked the way I read stories on Grizzly's Growls, that's where they'll be posted in future, and the two-and-a-half story shows I did on G.G. now also show up only under C.T.

I have been tinkering a bit more with Twitter, and put these little widgets up on two of the websites, in case someone wonders what I did five minutes ago. (Luckily, Twitter doesn't record audio of toilets flushing, for example.) A grand total of one follower so far, why, I have no idea. Haven't made my mind up about following other people.

And that's about it at the moment. I should finally have 53 up this weekend, and we'll carry on from there. And I'll be figuring out what exactly to do with C.T. as time goes on. Maybe that Audio Drama thing I wanted to do a while back?

See ya around.

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