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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Live on ILoveTechTV Podcast

Just the other day I did my first Thing on the 535 York Podcast, which is
driven by posts on the ILoveTechTV Yahoo Group. It's primarily a group
about folks who used to be on TechTV, back when there was such a thing,
and secondarily about tech stuff, new tech, old tech, tech companies, tech
people, tech issues.

I was more a baffled hanger-on than anything else, but this was my first
attempt. It was done as a group discussion using something called
TeamSpeak <>, which was originally intended for
online gamers to talk to each other live, but also serves rather well for
recording podcasts with folks in different locations, given they can
manage to install and configure the TeamSpeak client. (I installed my own
TeamSpeak server shortly after the show. Easy set up, and it has such
cool potential....)

The show was interesting, but a bit of a challenge. I'm an older fella,
and I used to know most everything there was to know about personal
computers, back a couple decades ago. Now, I have only a vague idea how
the newer stuff works, based on lots of podcast listening, lots of email
groups, lots of memories, and lots of wild-ass guessing. (But I guess

I hope I had some intelligent stuff to say, maybe some of the same
comments or questions other older folks might say to the same questions
and issues, but even that might be stretching a point. Anyway, I do
podcasts because I love to play with the technology, and I got to play
with other folks this time, so that was fun.

And by the way, I originally started my own podcast because of listening
to the 535 York podcast (named after the address of the TechTV studios).
It's kind of like you became a comedian from watching Regis Philbin on TV,
and then you get to be on Regis & wassername. Kind of a kick. Didn't
shake the world or create peace in the Middle East. But I had fun. And I
didn't throw up. (Hi, Teri!)

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