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Monday, April 14, 2008

An excellent and truly horrible book

I've been listening to "The Immortals," a podcast novel by Tracy Hickman,
narrated by Tracy and Laura Hickman. It is a truly excellent, and truly
horrible book.

The story is science fiction, but not so very fictional as one might wish.
The assumption is that eventually, 2020 or so, we encounter a disease
that is as vicious as HIV, and as contagious as Ebola. And there is no

Society falls apart, mostly, and the only solution the government comes up
with is isolation camps, internment camps. Think "Anne Frank," but about
your own children, someday. But worse, in some ways.

I absolutely hate the book, and as a book, if I ignore the subject and
content, I love the book. As I type this, I'm listening to it. Because
I'm a podcaster who reviews audio books, and this is a very well written
audio book, and I can't do that without listening to it. For me, I would
have quit, because it hurts like hell. But for my podcast, I have to
finish listening.

Sometimes this podcasting hobby really sucks.

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