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Sunday, April 27, 2008


Just watched "The Glen Miller Story" on TV. It's a happy story with a sad ending.

It's a happy story, because Glen Miller had a dream, and pursued it, and was supported in pursuing his dream by his wife. That would be nice. But I'm not so sure I have any dream in particular. I have a couple things I like to do, and occasionally might even love doing -- the podcast, and this blog. Karaoke I just like, can't say I love it. I don't really expect any of those things to result in some ideal life, or even a better life.

I think one really ought to have a dream to work on. Reminds me of the line from the song, "Wish I could find a good book to live in." Too bad I'm not a writer, I'd write my own. But I don't really believe my life will ever get better. Different maybe, better not likely. And I don't suppose there'll be a woman who will want to support me in a dream I don't have -- or I'm not sure I have.

And it's a sad story, that movie is. In the end, all stories are sad. Because in the end, everybody dies. Only dreams survive.


  1. Aw, good movie! It's so heartbreaking at the end even though you know what's coming. They had such a great relationship.

    I have a hard time sticking with something to really create something worthwhile. I'm jealous of people that have a passion for something, whatever it is. I loved the doc "Fast, Cheap, and Out of Control". It's about a few people that are really passionate about things that most people would think strange, like naked mole rats. He was sooo into naked mole rats, he dedicated his life to them. That's admirable, imo.

    I was gearing up for script frenzy this year, but due to a situation at the end of March, decided I couldn't do it. Maybe I'll get it up and running and just do it on my own.

  2. Do what you can. Get involved in something that makes your life better. Everybody needs something like that. Dunno from "script frenzy," I just do my little, supposedly artistic stuff. But it helps, when you can, to just commit to a certain amount of time to Do Something on your process. Might come to nothing, might come to everything. But you make the effort, you focus and dedicate the time. Because if you don't make the effort, you've already failed. And if you do make the effort, maybe you still fail, but you have a chance, and next time, you have some production to build from. Not just the content you produce, but the effort you devote, and the inkings of a habit that might turn into more production later.

    You might just fail now, but you don't commit to failing later. Committing to your best effort at least has the chance of succeeding at some future time.

    Good luck with that. Keep me in mind.


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