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Monday, March 3, 2008

What Fresh Hell is This?

I am still hanging fire, waiting for something special to do for Episode
50 of the "Grizzly's Growls" podcast. But it seems as if there's no
particular reason to do that.

There are billions and billions of people who do regular-plain-ordinary
podcasts. There are merely billions doing tech podcasts, and those are
the ones folks listen to -- since the people who know how the hell to
listen to podcasts, listen to tech podcasts, since you have to be a techie
to figure out how to listen.

Out of those billions, most are for younger people, much focused on
technology and alcohol, or technology and sex, or technology AND sex, or
technoloy and sex and alcohol, or drinking alcohol while using technology

Anyway, all about the younger folk. I ain't younger folk. Seems like
most of my listeners are in Florida. You do the math. I could be wrong
about this. But if most of my listeners were in San Francisco, what would
you assume?

Luckily, San Francisco is only my -second- largest listener group. No
wait, let me check -- yeah, I made that up.

I, of course, am waiting breathlessly for my little card for my membership
to AARP to come in the mail. They will, of course, demand money. Which I
will probably give them. Though, any organization that would have me as a

Anyway, since most of the Internet and most of Web 2.0, is about rants on
various mostly political topics, and since I am much better at ranting on
the Blog, that's liable to be a more effective venue. In fact, it seems
as if I get a lot more interest from my pseudo-political whining on the
Blog, than I do for my at least inoffensive and fairly calming speech on
the podcast.

Perhaps I need to make my podcast a lot more offensive and irate. Perhaps
I, too, need to focus on the younger audience.

So, more beer, and more cussing, and more nudity.

Okay, maybe not more nudity. I was told just the other day Back Hair is a
Bad Thing. So, just the cussing and beer. That seems fair.

Questions? Comments? Gagging?

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