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Thursday, March 6, 2008

They don't even know, anymore

So, somebody dies, and nobody knows. Most young folk, and I thoroughly
hate to call them that, they don't deserve it, they don't even care if
somebody dies without hanging their crotch out in front of the paparazzi
cameras, if they weren't arrested for drugs, or alcohol, or whatever. If
they weren't in the tabloids, they don't exist. Most of them can't spell
the full name of the state they were born in, and they have no idea where
that state's name came from. How many had to die so they can be pathetic,
druling idiots with the right to vote.

Hell, let's elect the communists, they never gave a crap who voted for
what. They'll fit right in. Hell, they'd do better than the usual band
of idiots, who also don't give a crap, but demand money to demonstrate
respect for the fact they don't give a crap if most of us live or die.
Proud to be an American, where at least I know I'm Meat.

And you gotta respect them, because they're the Powers That Be.

God Bless America. "Nothing beside remains. Boundless and bare, the lone
and level sands stretch far away."

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