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Thursday, March 6, 2008


I'm working on getting a sponsorship for my podcast from Landshark Lager,
a product (apparently) of Anheiser-Busch. Not as agressively Lager as
some of the lagers out there. I drink Budweiser usually (they have it on
tap at Champs). Landshark has a bit more flavor, but it doesn't say I'm A
Lager Damnit And If You Were As Smart As You Think You Are, You Would Love

I hate that. That's why I never go to microbreweries. Ever get stuck at
a party at a microbrewery, and the only beer you can get is the artsy-
fartsy crap the local idiots produce for their friends to ooh and ah over?
Happened to me once, at a political event. Had to be nice about it,
though -- it was a post-election party after my own City Council campaign.

But I digress.

Anyway, if they give me money, what, I'm gonna complain? Ain't doing it
yet, though. Website is

Not much there yet --
apparently a very new product, certainly a very new website. Not very
well designed, but they didn't ask me, for some odd reason.

Claims origins in southern Florida (hi, guys!) but I'd like to know some
more product history before I'd vouch for that. But hey, with as much
beer as I drink in a week, I should darn near own the company.

It's pretty good, considering. It Doesn't Suck. Think that comment will
help my sponsorship chances? <grin>

Film at 11.

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1 comment:

  1. The folks who make Landshark lager politely turned down my request for sponsorship. Oh, well, worth a shot. And it's still a good lager.


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