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Friday, March 21, 2008

Sidekick needed

I really do kinda need a co-host.

I've been struggling along, doing what I do, for more than a year. And
I've managed, and somehow, some people like listening, God love ya.

But it's hard to sustain. And it's hard to come up with content that will
inspire larger-scale interest out of what remains of my braincells after
too many years of cigarettes and beer.

Beyond content, though, I really need to refresh my point of view. For
too long, I've been on my own. I don't mind that. But I don't exactly
love it, either. Often I can't make sense of what I see of other folks
behavior. And often someone else might be able to say, "Oh, that's just
about this stuff," or "They're trying to tell you that..." or "It really
has nothing to do with you.

Also, I really haven't done very well at staying informed as to what's
happening out in the Real World. That's a problem as to new content, and
making sense of the current content. I'm not running out of topics to
talk about on the show, I have millions of topics. I just don't know what
they are.

I think I explained rather well in my last show what characteristics a
woman would need to be able to survive me, much less manage a real
relationship. I think some of those same characteristics would be needed
by my co-host. A sense of humor, and the ability to figure out mine.
Nearly infinite patience. The skills to explain other folks to me, even
when it seems like stuff that shouldn't need explaining. The obvious
stuff is what I have the hardest time with.

Writing skills, to be able to contribute worthwhile content. Reading and
reviewing skills, to help make sense of my content. A savvy perception of
the state of the world, what seems to be happening now, and what's liable
to come next.

I'm not easy to understand or to talk to. And no one much is easy for me
to understand or talk to. But if there is someone like that, I gotta find

And if this talented and supportive individual also turned out to be an
attractive female, well, what'd be wrong with that? ;-)

I may be old, but I ain't quite dead yet.

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