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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Stories are good

Based on my current feedback, my current Grizzly's Growls shows with the
Tales from the Brothers Grimm are either a good idea, or a not-all-that-
bad idea.

One person said it was okay to tell stories, but keep up the Personal
Stuff sort of shows. The other said that the stories were really cool.
So, that's either 50-50, or maybe 60-40, since the negative vote was "but
it's okay to do anyway."

Any other votes? Have I become thoroughly annoying, whining about my
personal problems once a week?

You will note I've stopped trying the once-a-day thing, and then the twice-
a-day thing. Looked as if nobody was keeping up with alla them so
frequent shows anyway. So I'm back to once a week. Might do twice a
week, with say Sunday for a story, and maybe Thursday for my incessant

And if all else fails, I'll do once a week, Sunday only, whichever sort of
show I feel like doing at the time.

Or something completely different -- I haven't managed to find another
cohost, and I was certainly hopeful about Tina being on the show. Oh,
wait, I wasn't gonna mention her name. Pretend I never said anything.
Her boyfriend might not approve. ;-0

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