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Friday, February 29, 2008

Public Speaking classes online. Please stop me...

Just had the either brilliant or utterly terrible idea of doing a series
of public-speaking classes as part of my "Grizzly's Growls" podcast. It's
either a very good idea -- I think I can teach what I do, whether that's
good or bad I dunno -- or a horrendously bad idea.

I really, really don't want it to turn out badly. But I think I can do
this. And I gotta do something that (a) interests a fairly large number
of people, and (b) has value and that I can do well. Far too many
screaming idiots online already.

Might even critique the poltical idiots (polidiots?) on how they do their
public speaking. Now THAT might be fun! Most of them are almost good at
it. Which means they have somebody write a good speech for them, then
don't know how to make it their own.

If this is a really idiotic idea, please stop me.

Thank you for your support. Don't Applaud, Throw Money!

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