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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Old and the Dutiful

So, got a couple of emails indicating some comment-spammers were taking
advantage of a blog I used to run years ago, actually my first blog ever.

I hadn't ever figured out how to access that blog anymore. I hadn't used
it for so long, I'd forgotten my password and whatnot. I'd tried a few
times, but got stymied by the hassles of finding the stupid password.

Lately, things have become easier, and I was able to have Blogger email me
a link to let me activate the account and point it to my newer Google
stuff. So I got access to that aging and mostly empty blog (except for
the comment spam), and another I'd started shortly after. I deleted the
one I'd added, but I hate to lose my very first blog, so I kept it. The
blog address is <>.

Not a damn thing in there. Created a Feedburner feed for it, and added a
few Feedburner-related features, just for S & G. I have no idea what to
do with one blog, much less two -- or three, if you count the one for the

I may just let it sit. And I may open it up to the couple of folks who've
contacted me from the old Blackthorne Repertory Theatre group. They may
even recognize "Changeling Turkey," from one of our plays, I believe it
was "Kang Kong."

If youze guys are interested in a Blackthorne Repertory Theatre group
blog, I'll look forward to your reponses, and I'll set it up. Might as
well use it for something.

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