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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The colored guy

So, was just watching the TV commercial about the Colored Guy on the

No, not that sort of Colored Guy, the other sort of Colored Guy -- the
whole elevator full of badly rendered black and white people and one guy
in Living Color.


I was watching the commercial, and keep in mind I'm 54 % color-vision-
deficient. And the Guy-In-Color walks off the elevator onto the Color
Floor, where they have a Color Printer that makes everything truly
wonderful and blessed by God.


The color sucked. It looked like the output of a color printer designed
by a circus clown with OCD.

And for that matter, the black and white people looked just as sucky. And
both scenes on a large, fairly new LCD screen.

So, what, they're advertising a printer that produces images that look
like crap, but the colors are really bright? And the black and white
images suck just as much?

I think this company needs a new Ad agency.

Or a better quality Printer product.

One never knows.

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