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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Upon Further Review

After giving it some thought today, I've decided my recent posts were just
a bit intemperate.

Governor Pawlenty has on occasion said things that really annoy the crap
out of me. He has on one occasion said something I thought was rather
clever -- "Show me the dead Canadians." Other than that, he can't seem to
open his mouth without rubbing my nerve endings raw.

Mayor Ness, well, he's just starting out, and I should give him a week or
so to settle in. Anyway, the article referred to something from his time
as City Councillor at Large, not Mayor. So far, I've only heard two
things he's quoted as saying, and of those, only two were offensive to me.

In any case, I should refrain from growling and foaming at the mouth.
Well, maybe the growling is okay, given the title of the Blog? But no
foaming, definitely no foaming.

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