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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

This is harder than I thought...

I had fully intended to start recording daily. So far, I've failed
miserably. Can't manage to shift gears after work, to start writing. Too
many distractions when I'm not working (really have to get rid of the TV
in my room). And I'm easily distractable in the best of circumstances.

And then I have to record.

My equipment, such as it is, is falling apart. I never have much private
time in a quiet enough place to record with what I have. I don't entirely
mind the idea of recording at one of the bars on a quiet night. I've done
it, and it went okay. But I feel self-conscious recording in those
conditions, and occasionally get interrupted. Upside is occasionally
having a guest co-host, so I don't have to think of everything to say

Editing and compiling takes an awfully long time on this tired old laptop
(by this tired old man), even on shorter shows. And if I'm out and about
trying to do this, I have to stay out till I finish. Or I can wait until
I get home, by which time I'll be too tired to do it, anyway.

And that's all just excuses. I believe the standard response is, "Cry me
a river," or something involving the World's Smallest Violin.

The other night, I wrote an entire show, and then didn't get it recorded
and left to visit my Mom up the shore. Family stuff, that's important.
But it's frustrating to want to do something like this, and then not be
able to sustain it the way I want to.

Solutions would be nice, but are hard to come by. Maybe I should give up
on the podcast, and just do the blog. This, at least, I can do quickly,
anywhere, anytime, without interruptions.

Which would suck.

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