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Monday, January 14, 2008

There is no such thing as no advertising

When, years ago, I first heard about Cable TV, I thought, "Gee, what a
swell idea. I watch my Tv and don't have to watch advertisements.
Because, after all, I'm -paying for the -content. Why should they show me

Then the started showing ads on cable-only channels.

But hey, on cable channels you're already paying for on top of already
paying for having cable access, well you can't get ads there. I'm paying
for the content. Why should they show me ads?

HBO. And all the others.

But wait! I occasionally watch specific shows on Pay Per View. And I'm
paying for the content, three times over now. So, why would they show me
ads? (Cue the adstream before, during and after your Pay-Per-View movie.)

Given the history of all the advertising crap I'm being handed, as part of
what I'm already overpaying for so I don't have to watch ads, what's next?
Ads on toilet paper? Already happens. Ads on medical appliances?
Already happens. Ads on condoms? Already happens. If you haven't seen
the ads on condoms, I guess that means you just don't roll them down far

WTF? "But I'm paying for it so I -don't- have to watch ads."

If they can rob you, they will rob you.

Most cable companies and affiliates should be selling medical insurance.
They'd fit right in.

Now the political scum want to create a system whereby the Insurance Scum
get all the money they want to demand, no matter how much that is, as long
as they insure everybody, so everybody gets robbed -- but they're robbed
by the government, and that's okay.

God bless the USA Patriot Act. And NAFTA, never let us forget the blessed
event of the signing of NAFTA.

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