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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Nothing but really bad choices

I just watched three people walk out of a bar.

Two beautiful women, one of them I've been just a bit crazy about for a
while now.

One hairy, drunk-ass guy, much younger than me.

All of them drunk beyond rational thought.

Bets on who's driving?

I have no objection to people making their own stupid-ass choices. Not up
to me what they choose to be stupid about. Say, for example, the young
lady I'm crazy about being in love with the drunk-ass younger guy.

Bets on who dies in the accident-waiting-to-happen, and how many news
reporters comment on how Nobody Did Anything?

It sucks to be me. If I had a plate number, I'd call the cops about a
drunk driver. Except one of the passengers is a local bartender (female),
who will probably be one of the late passengers, and who ought to know

But I can't say anything, because after all, I'm just some guy who...

I'm sure that'll look all noble on her tombstone.

Anyway, I want to ask the name of her boyfriend. You know they ever name the passengers, pending notification of next of kin.

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